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« Easy to follow. Tools given are very useful. »

Gemma La Posta, social worker

« New and interesting techniques that I can use in my work. Good job and thank you Danie. »

Tarek Mandour, reeducation advisor

« Training that gives a lot of energy and tools to use for oneself and others ... Thank you. »

Valérie Béguin, psychologist-psychotherapist, Switzerland

« Inspirational and adding to my polyvagal knowledge. »

Renate Lukassen, Eating disorder professional, Netherland

« It was very informative, engaging and also provided a lot of practical tools, some of which I will be using with the students I work with. »

Central Quebec School Board

« Wow! Wow! Wow! I loved the online training. Having already taken training courses last fall with Ms. Beaulieu in Montreal, I can assure you that it is as if I was there. »

Sylvie Fortier, B.A.

« Thanks to Mrs. Beaulieu. Great speaker and clinician who generously shares her knowledge and rich experience. Thank you for her humor, her laughter which pigmented every video. »

Gaelle Bonnefous Yzabel, psychotherapist, France

« Precious concrete tools, illustrated, alive, dynamic, which nourish and encourage reflection, and can be used for us as well as for our customers. »

Naïke Lambrigger, psychotherapist, Suisse

« Danie has a very appealing kind of presenting. Very convincing, entertaining, capturing my interest, calm but strong, energetic but controlled...very very nice. Would love to meet her one day. I am looking forward to using this method. Wonderful greetings from Austria - Tirol. »

Thomas Huber, psychotherapist

« Impact Techniques for Psychotherapist is a treasure chest full of specific and unforgettable multi-sensory methods for dramatizing a client's experience to bring about change. »

Steve Andreas, author of Transforming Your Self, owner of Real People Press

« Loved it! More of this kind of holistic thinking in the therapy world please! »

Andrew Schwartz

« Amazing speaker. Take her workshop before you can no longer afford it! »

Bernhard Trenkle, Ph.D., Germany, sponsoring large Conference worldwide.

« Danie was awesome. She's unbelievably practical and down to earth and I love her props-plan to use it with my clients. »

Gabriella Landman

« What a wonderful personality and great way to work! Thank you very much. Can't stop smiling. »

Irina Bengtson

« I have been active in national organizations for over 30 years. During that time, I’ve heard thousands of speakers and I would have to say that Dr. Danie Beaulieu is among the top 5 that I have ever heard. She is special. »

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Milton H. Erickson Foundation

« Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation. I really appreciated all the information and illustrations about how to use the information presented with clients. Merci! »

Joy Lang

« Danie has great ideas and will help me look not just at symptoms and include what is behind those symptoms. Danie is a great presenter. »

Richard Shoninger

« Even a month after enjoying your workshops and lectures at the conference in Heidelberg, I can feel the Impact that learning from you has on my work with students and clients. »

Sabine Wackenroder, Germany

« Energy filled presentation. Liked the metaphors and techniques used. Thank you so much. »

Sneha Nikam

« Very Clear, very useful presentation. »

Leonard Babins, psychologist

Danie Beaulieu