Académie Impact

How does it work?

To register, select the workshop you want to attend and click on the sign-in button. After you completed the registration process, you will receive an access code with a direct link to start your training (please check your junk mail if necessary, since this code is sent by an automated system). Your code has no expiration date until you activate it. The lifespan of your access code is related to the duration of the workshop you choose.

Workshop duration Lifespan of access code
< 3 hours 14 consecutive days
3 and up 21 consecutive days
EMI PROGRAM (all workshops) 6 months

During that time, you can watch the training as often as you want, pause, rewind, stop, etc. If you purchased the training for one person, you will be allowed to use a maximum of two devices. If you purchased a group rate, the number of devices will match the number of participants. Your handout will appear under your training modules (when available). Taxes are included. If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them!