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Brake or Accelerator; what kids and cars have in common

Trainer: Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D.

What do kids and cars have in common? They both are controlled by two options: the brake and the accelerator. As an educator, we can help kids by praising their good behaviors (accelerator, positive reinforcement) or punishing their bad ones (brake or negative reinforcement). Is truly the accelerator the one that allows the biggest changes? This workshop will offer different ways to use the accelerator when it comes to helping children and when it is appropriate to put the brakes on! Participants will walk out with a fresh perspective on education… and on how to be the best educator for children… as for themselves!

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Detailed content

Module 1

1 h 26

Presentation of the content.

Education using brake and accelerator: is positive reinforcement (accelerator) better than punishment (brake)?

The importance of the low road and the high road; understanding the consequences of education on the brain.

Research in the field.

Module 2

1 h 24

Brake or Accelerator: how to use each one according to their age.

0-6 months.

6 – 18 months.

18 months to 3 years.

3 – 6 years.

6 – 11 years.

11 – 16 years.

Video duration
2 h 50

Plan for
3 hours

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