Académie Impact

Supervision requirements

Supervision is not compulsory unless you want to obtain the official certification of EMI practitioner from EMI Institute and appear on our international directory of accredited EMI Practitioners. 

  • Complete 10 hours of supervision to obtain the Practitioner level 1 certificate (+3h if you’ve taken the training online).
  • Complete an additional 6 hours of supervision to become accredited as EMI Practitioner level 2 (+ 3h if you’ve taken the training online).

The supervision can be obtained through different options

  • Individual or group supervision from a certified EMI supervisor (see list)
  • Receive a treatment from a certified practitioner level 2 or supervisor (maximum 1.5 hours will be credited per level. This option is compulsory if you take the training online)
  • Take the level one or two a second time (3 hours per level would be credited as supervision)

Take the continuing education online (4 hours are available).