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What is EMI?



Study EMI with the author of the only book in the field. Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D. received from the originators Connirae and Steve Andreas, the mission to write the book. She developed a protocol that is not only efficient but also safe for the clients. Her team includes trainers in English, French, German and Afrikan. Trainings for your team may be requested at

Note: Some trainers pretend to teach EMI but don't have the credentials. FInd out the certified trainers in the Trainers and Supervisors section on this page.


This extraordinary workshop presents one of the most innovative and amazingly effective treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other difficulties stemming from highly emotional memories. Developed by Connirae and Steve Andreas of Colorado in 1989, Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMI) is an exceptional intervention that may change the way you think about the healing powers of the mind. Since 1993, Danie Beaulieu has developed EMI into a comprehensive psychotherapeutic method.

EMI uses eye movements to reactivate the natural healing processes of the brain. You have surely noticed that the direction of a person’s gaze varies depending on what they are thinking about. In fact, our eyes reflect the trajectory of the mind as it accesses information stored in the different "departments". For example, depressed people have a tendency to look downward, while an upward gaze may indicate that the person is thinking about events of his or her past.

The Andreas’ initial hypothesis was based on observations of these types of eye movements. They asked the question: if we asked our clients to keep the traumatic memory present in their mind while guiding their eyes’ movements in different directions, could they perhaps access new information capable of modifying the psychogenic network? The answer is now clear: Yes!

The effects of a traumatic event can be compared to the effects of bleach: both can be either dangerous or beneficial, depending on their concentration. Consumed in a concentrated form, bleach is very toxic, but when used in very small amounts it can purify water and make it safe to consume. In the same way, an "undiluted" traumatic recording is harmful and damaging, but the EMI treatment permits the brain to reorganize the "toxic" information in a healthy way, by diluting the original memory with counterbalancing positive information while liberating the emotional charge.

This avant-garde neurotherapeutic technique produces very rapid results, definitively and completely freeing the client from the problematic effects of overwhelming experiences. The technique is applicable not only to major traumas – such as rape, sexual abuse, conjugal violence, armed robbery, other victimization or witnessing of crimes, war, natural disaster, etc. – but also to any situation that may result in a chronic and uncontrollable emotional reaction.

EMI is a true gift to offer oneself, to then give it in turn to all those people who have become victims of their own minds!

Schedule: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day (15 hours training in total)