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Trainer: Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D.

EMI level 1 presents the basic EMI protocol to enable the therapist to start using EMI with most clients. It covers the origin, what to do before EMI (evaluation, explanation of the technique to the clients, frequency of the sessions, etc), how to perform the eye movements, what to do during and between each movement, how to close a session, how to identify where to start for a second session and how to know the treatment is completed.

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 EMI booklet
EMI booklet

Detailed content

Module 1

1 h 55

Presentation of EMI.



Presentation of the 22 eye movements :

  • Where they go in the traumatic window.
  • How to perform them.
  • How long.
  • Positioning.
  • The role of the F and G movements.
  • Practicum.

Module 2

1 h 39

Importance of using the whole trauma window.

Differences between EMI and EMDR.

How to do evaluation in EMI.

The role of control vs PTSD.

What EMI can do and what it can’t do.

The importance of allowing enough time at the end of the session where you stop the EM.

When to begin EMI after a trauma in adults and children.

Module 3

1 h 42

Different metaphors to support the EMI process.

Preparing the client to EMI.

The role of false memories.

Where to start the EMI – identifying the right memory.

Different types of networks in the clients’ memories.

Finding the title of the experience.

Module 4

46 minutes

Page 7-8-9 of the handout.

Module 5

2 h 05

Live demonstration.

Pre and post recommendations.

How to end an unfinished session.

Closing a session when the client has reached a resolution.

Module 6

1 h 15

Page 10 up to the end of the handout.

Outlines for practicum.

Module 7

2 h 32

Closing EMI (which is different from closing a session).

Importance of pursuing psychotherapy after EMI to teach skills.

Last review of the handout.

EMI with children: what are the specificities.

Video duration
11 h 45

Hours of accreditation
13 hours

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