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Resolving Grief with Impact Therapy

Trainer: Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D.

Death, disease, suffering, and losses are themes that we would rather avoid. However, as they are part of life, therapists are often confronted to help clients deal with these difficult issues. This workshop, based on the principles of Impact Therapy, offers numerous simple and concrete tools to face different stages of grief in young and old. Organized in four different steps, from how to help those dying or facing a difficult challenge, then how to announce a death, and how to intervene in short terms and in long terms, this workshop will surely add a plethora of new empowering tools to every clinician and caregiver. A wide variety of examples, demonstrations, and exercises await the participant in this very dynamic and moving workshop.

A bonus module has been added to this workshop—all the details are in the "Detailed Content" below.

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Included in your workshop

Facing Grief
Facing Grief
Grief Handout (Powerpoint)
Grief Handout (Powerpoint)

Detailed content


29 minutes

Overview of the workshop.

Specific considerations for children (more details in Module 4).

Module 1

45 minutes

How to help people at the end of their life.

Module 2

1 h 01

Impact Debriefing.

How to bring the bad news to the survivor or to a patient.

How to deal with the first reactions in the first days.

Module 3

1 h 18

General notes on grief

Efficient grief therapy requires more than listening

Types of interventions

  • Explicit language
  • Symbols
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Illustrations
  • Role Play
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Memory book
  • etc

The four tasks of grief

  • Accepting the reality of the loss.
  • Dealing with the pain.

  • Living with the loss.

  • Reinvesting in the world.

Grief with kids: what’s normal, what’s not.

BONUS Module

49 minutes

Three phases of all transitions and recommendations to succeed them.

Two exercises:

  • After a long winter.
  • Meeting with a customs officer.

The grief of retirement.

Questions and phrases to comment on or discuss.


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4 h 22

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